Imagining your imagination

Hey, ever imagine your own imagination or try to get into what other people imagine everyday life…..sounds weird, yes absolutely you right. But guess what I tried and its fascinating……In fact so fascinating I loose myself into my own imagination till I get to the point where I say to myself…Hey Abdi STOP.! Then I ask myself questions like…what if your imaginations were real? And how can I make them real? And the most useful and important of all….How can I change my imagination into action? I guess this is the typical questions everyone ask themselves when they imagine things but we all I have different way of answering them or maybe at least having an idea about it and this is where it gets interesting…this is when I start imagining what others imagine if they ever imagine something…I try to look those who are successful with their imagination whether they are business man/women or other professionals. I believe that you got to imagine yourself what you want to be before trying to make it real because it is hard enough to be successful business man/women but it is even hard not to imagine yourself being one.

Albert Einstein once said…’Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ But how many of us believe that in today’s world? Well let’s all now imagine that going schools to learn imagination….just for a moment I know…I understand it is not like something we can physically learn but then I said imagine…going back to Einstein quote…how many people do we now who never went further in education and still successful? And how many do we know who are still studying at the age of retirement? Well I guess we know plenty of people answering the second question and very few drop from school and find success but how and why? Is it because they were chosen if so by whom? Or maybe they are magicians…yes or maybe not but let’s say they are magicians and in what way?  I tell you what those successful unschooled man/women all have one thing in common, they are all magicians in finding their Imagination but then we all imagine things every day or you think they imagine things differently… yes, Everyone has a unique way of imagining things but what those successful individuals achieved is turning their imaginations into action…….remember I said the most useful and important question of asking myself was changing my imagination into action.

Imagination is essential I say so keep imagining till you imagine your own and maybe one day your imagination will become real and be successful. Finally just to give you an idea of how much I believe imagination I am imagining your thoughts as you are reading this….ahhhh!> That’s scary J No…imagining something is not as scary as mind reading or is it?